Welcome to Team 6C!

Please note: Students are responsible and expected to copy down their homework in their agendas. Homework is written on the board in each of their classes and they are given time during the class period to copy it down. That being said, this site should not be used in place of a student's agenda. We, the teachers of 6C, do our best to update the website daily.

Please feel free to contact us by email and/or phone.

Mrs. Dailey- Social Studies s_dailey@stoughtonschools.org (781) 344-7002 ext. 6115

Mrs. Gallagher - Math k_gallagher@stoughtonschools.org (781) 344-7002 ext. 6117

Mrs. Jackson- Special Education e_jackson@stoughtonschools.org (781)344-7002 ext. 6226

Mrs. Masciarelli - Science r_masciarelli@stoughtonschools.org (781) 344-7002 ext. 6116

Mr. Whiting- English a_whiting@stoughtonschools.org (781) 344-7002 ext. 6114